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Banewreaker - Jacqueline Carey ** Here is my complete review for the series, posted on the page for Godslayer **

Very conflicted about giving it four stars, will probably do it in the future.
The book is actually pretty amazing, but I struggled with the writing style until three quarters into the novel. It might just be that English is not my first language and it often takes me some time to get used to an author's style (never quite so long though). The rating is mostly due to that, the story itself could easily be a five. Lots of interesting characters and worldbuilding, too.

The backcover synopsis makes it sound like there will be loads of hot steamy romance, but there's actually barely any romance at all. I mean, it is slowly building up and will probably be there in the next book, but in this one it's just being kind towards each other and some very mild pining.
Not that I complain, as neither of the characters caught up in said romance interest me greatly. The less pages the author devotes to their budding romance, the more are left for my beloved horribly disfigured half-elf with nightmarish powers and the headstrong immortal Pelmaran girl and her dragon. And anyone else really.

A more detailed review will come once I'm done with [b:Godslayer|40220|Godslayer (The Sundering, #2)|Jacqueline Carey|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1388787504s/40220.jpg|1844694].